If you are a "garlic eater" you have to find someone who also eats garlic and smells the same way you do! Breath mints might help your breath but... If you are sweating garlic that you ate yesterday, something more radical might be required. I love garlic but I had to give it up so it did not deter me from having a social life. Also coming directly from work after a very trying day is no excuse for "smelling badly". Brush your teeth! Use a mouth wash. Chew mints! Bring a change of shirt both underwear and outerwear! Do all those things that will avoid your being basicly rejectable for your failure to adhere to minimum rules of hygiene.

from Tango-L (http://pythia.uoregon.edu/~llynch/Tango-L/2000/Feb/Feb-06-to-Feb-07.html)

If you smoke, drink alcohol, eat garlic, onions, peppers, polish sausage, fish, doritos etc. before you come to dance please understand that some people may be offended by the smell of the very food you just enjoyed still lingering on your breath, so brush, gargle or use lots of gum and breath mints frequently.

from tangochicago.com (http://www.tangochicago.com/pages_html/etiquitte1.htm)

Institute verdict: Starbucks After Coffee Mints was the cool favorite. It lasted longest -- up to 45 minutes! -- and was the champ at beating coffee breath. If Caesar salad is more your downfall, try Listerine Cool Mint PocketPaks, which came out ahead after we ate garlic bread. What makes one "extreme" mint better than another? Sugar-free mints are often most effective, Dr. Katz says. Bacteria feed on sugar -- making bad breath worse.

from goodhousekeeping (http://magazines.ivillage.com/goodhousekeeping/consumer/taste/articles/0,,542729_597884,00.html)

But if the product contains alcohol or sugars, the only activity it’s doing is making your breath worse.

Sugar is a problem, since all bacteria use sugar as fuel to grow on. Alcohol will dry the mouth quickly and very extremely (see “dry mouth”) – and the dryer your mouth gets, the worse your breath gets.

from therabreath.be (http://www.therabreath.be/about_halitosis.php)